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Graffiti Removal Description - p2.

Graffiti fence

  • Establishing communication and reporting networks to effectively and efficiently maintain a graffiti free community
  • Establishing recognized practices and procedures for cleaning graffiti sites thus promoting a professional approach with emphasis on the safety of the individuals involved or associated with this activity
  • Using strategies involving support, co-operation and liaison with Turramurra and other Rotarians, local Government, project sponsors and other interested groups such as schools, progress associations, local newspapers etc.
  • Encouraging community education and using specific initiatives to deter activities of graffiti artists – in particular, rapid removal and monitoring recently cleaned sites to ensure immediate repeat clean up action for any recurring graffiti.

If you are interested in forming your own graffiti removal squad, please watch the video below. 

Induction of New Members


 After verbal confirmation from potential new member (PNM) that he/she wants to join our club:

  1. Member and PNM completes the "New Member Proposal Form" and
  2. Member asks PNM to provide a short simplified CV
  1. "New Member Proposal Form"(NMPF) and short simplified CV given to Membership Director (MD)
  1. MD liaises with President to obtain agreement to circulate to Board Members for their approval.
  2. MD forwards NMPF and CV by email to Board Members with majority responses to be received within 5 days before further action.
  3. Assuming approval from the Board Members responses received, the CV and a members YES/NO approval sheet are circulated by MD at the next available meeting.
  4. Assuming acceptance from members, MD advises President and Secretary.
  5. MD forwards email with NMPF attached to:
    • Secretary to:
      1. arrange name badge, green shirt, membership package etc and together with MD and President arranges earliest date for induction
      2. enter PNM details to clubrunner/RI
    • Website Manager to:
      1. enter details to membership list on website
    • MD advises Member and in turn PNM of final arrangements for induction.


1 July 2013 

History of Turramurra Rotary - Page 2


Signature projects include the Qantas Jumbo Joy Flight for disabled and disadvantaged children, the Turramurra Youth Centre (working with Ku-ring-gai Council), the Anti-graffiti programme and more recently, the Bobbin Head Cycle Classic.  The refurbishment of Cameron Park as an adventure playground for little children was well received locally.

Youth programmes have been an important feature for the Club.  Every year the club hosts an international exchange student and sponsors an Australian student on an overseas exchange. The student is hosted by Rotary and other families and attends Turramurra High School.  Other programmes supporting Youth include: Rotary Youth Leadership Award, a leadership week for young people with leadership potential; Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment, a leadership program for year 10 students; National Youth Science Forum, a 12 day Science Course held in Canberra for budding scientists and Model United Nations Assembly, giving students the opportunity to understand the working of the United Nations

International projects have been strength of the Club.  The Children's Orphanage in Banda Aceh, Indonesia built after the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, for which the Club raised over $1.4 million, the Children's Hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone and the Hamamas Meri project in Manus, Papua New Guinea are an indication of the breadth of our challenges.

The Club was one of the first Rotary Clubs to admit women as members, and elected its first female President (Pam Pritchard) in 1997.  Pam later went on to become the District's first female Governor in 2006/07.  The Club's Charter President, Bob Burnett, was District Governor in 1978/79.

The Club has won the District Governor's Shield for the best club on 5 occasions, most recently in 2018/19.

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