Terms and Conditions

Site Operations

    1. The Gordon Markets Management Committee (through which all Stallholder site applications are made) reserves the right to reject any Application(s) from Stallholders and to terminate any regular Stallholder participation in the Markets.
    2. The Gordon Markets Management Committee is responsible for site operations and safety at the Markets. As such, Stallholders at the Markets must comply with all reasonable operational directives issued by Market Duty Staff appointed by the Gordon Markets Management Committee.
    3. Stallholders must conduct their business within the physical bounds of the Site(s) that they have been allocated.

Site Fees

    1. Stallholders must pay their Site Fees to Market Duty Staff on Market Day if it has not been paid in advance.
    2. To retain an allocated or preferred site, regular Stallholders must pay their Site fees one month in advance.
    3. Stallholders are not permitted to sub-let any part of their site to another Stallholder.
    4. Stallholders who fail to attend the Markets in accordance with their confirmed booking will forfeit any booking fees paid.

Side Row

    1. Side-row Stallholders may commence setting-up at anytime before 07:00 am on a Gordon Markets day.

Driveway Row

    1. Driveway-row (down centre of car park) Stallholders may not set up until 07:30 am so as to allow unrestricted vehicle access for side-row Stallholders.


    1. Each Stallholder must carry current Public Liability insurance with minimum cover of $10 million.


    1. All Stallholders' vehicles must be removed by 8.00 am from the public space on the Gordon Markets level of the Council Car-park unless they are specifically authorised to stay. Stallholders must pay for all site spaces occupied by vehicles allowed to stay on the Gordon Markets level.

Packing Up

    1. Stallholders are requested to remain until 3.00 pm. For safety reason the Market Duty Staff may adjust this time. Stallholders will be notified on the day of each market.
    2. After fees have been paid Stallholders may only leave the market site before 3.00 pm as directed by the Market staff.
    3. Stallholder Vehicles are not to enter the Gordon Markets site to pack-up until approval to do so is given by Market Duty Staff. Stallholders on the Central Driveway must pack from 2.30 pm. This is to ensure loading of vehicles at 3.00 pm is done in as short a time as possible.


    1. The preparation and sale of food is subject to ongoing compliance with State Health regulations. Food sellers may be visited by Local Council Inspectors to verify that Health Compliance Standards are being met. All Health Compliance directives must be obeyed or the Stallholder's selling activities will be shut down on the day. Food traders are required to register for each market at www.foodnotify.nsw.gov.au. Go to Website. Proof of registration must be produced on demand for each market.

Rubbish Removal

    1. All Stallholders are responsible for the removal and disposal of their own rubbish (unsold goods, boxes, waste food).


    1. Stallholders will provide their own tables and equipment.


  1. Sites are unpowered. Stallholders requiring power must provide their own, and it must meet the approval of the Gordon Markets Management Committee.

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